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Meet the Jacobs Family

Mark has always wanted to take his wife Denise and 2 kids on a luxury vacation but between work and tight financials, it was impossible for him to do so! He joined Righteous Millionaire 2 months ago and was able to finally fulfill his dream family vacation.  Instead of renting a fancy hotel room, he instead chartered a yacht and sailed the Mediterranean! A private chef and licensed captain were on-board so all he had to do is enjoy time with his family! 

Meet the Henderson Family

Spending time with my family has always been something I try to schedule but with today's insane work requirements and it is almost impossible to do.  After working 15 years in the lumber industry, I was FINALLY able to get out and make on HONEST living and online income with Righteous Millionaire! I am now helping my brother become a member and can't wait to get him started!

Meet the Florentine Family

Wow this has completely changed my life! I would have never thought that I can spend most of my time at home with my wife and 2 beautiful kids. This has been a blessing and have made us realize how important it is to spend time together and enjoy life! We no longer stress over money and our lives are 100% Stress FREE!!

That's a GREAT question! Let me explain... Unlike other online products
we REQUIRE 100% of our members to follow a strict guideline BEFORE they can
Join our Team. These are simple requirements and are NOT negotiable! Let me explain:

Requirements of EVERY Righteous Millionaire Member:

  • Be Honest: This is a big one for us! We have built this to be as honest and straight forward as possible! We HATE misleading promises or outright lies! We expect you to conduct yourself in the member's area the same way. 
  • Follow our Specific Program: This is SUPER easy! Our system is Sooooo easy that anyone can do it regardless of your age or background. We have laid out steps and all you have to do is go down the list and do what we say!
  • Do NOT brag about your new found success: This is a hard one for most people! When everyone around you asks about how you have become an overnight success, please be modest and do NOT brag! Be honest and explain your journey.  Bragging has never done anyone any good. 
  • Pay it Forward: This is the MOST important requirement! We REQUIRE every single member to help and coach someone they know once you make your first $50,000! You MUST promise you will do this! Share the wealth and make sure everyone around you is prosperous! This is our goal and it must be yours as well.
*These Results are NOT Guaranteed but are possible!*

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